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Album (Vinyl, CD) Available in  Spotify,  iTunes and in main music stores worldwide. [6] But when Ward left, Willard "Gene" Price (February 27, 1944 - August 13, 2013) from Shamrock, Texas replaced him on bass just in time for the Okie from Muskogee album in 1969, on which he also sang lead vocals.

WA “Echo Chamber” is a successor of the first album by The Strange, “Nights of Forgotten Films” (2004), basically made by The Bambi Molesters as a Croatian surf-rock band and Chris Eckman, once the main force behind The Walkabouts. Also, beautiful twang guitars, elegant horn section, tasty keyboards and delighted strings are suggesting that “Echo Chamber” could be today’s echo of the yesterday’s baroque-pop legends such as Lee Hazlewood, Scott Walker, Van Dyke Parks and Burt Bacharach, while Chris Eckman stood close to a procédé of Nick Cave.

Even then was clear that The Strange is much more than just a sum of one surf-rock band and one gothic-Americana poet. Check out the latest past shows of the band! But, the language of music is universal one, so The Strange happened after Peter Buck (R.E.M.) 2020, Area Pirata Records, Italy. [8], Clair "Biff" Adam (April 19, 1936 - March 7, 2020) from Reading, Pennsylvania, replaced Burris as the Strangers drummer in 1970 and also served as Merle's publicist and bus driver. The Strange Tones World of Crime-A-Billy Music Currently seeking: Vocalist.Song writers and performers. A really strange story about The Strange, if I may notice, but luckily it was not only a dream of one drunken rock critic; at the time an A&R guy responsible for The Bambi Molesters and now asked to write these lines. Best Things Are Yet To Come traces and celebrates the career of The Strange Flowers through the retrieval and revision of their musical journey. But, the most important thing is that “Echo Chamber” of The Strange, despite all odds, is a wonderful album recorded by souls, first lost and then found in the universe of music. [4], Norm Hamlet (born February 27, 1935 in Woodville, California) joined the Strangers on steel guitar in 1967 and, shortly afterward, became its bandleader. [9] On the album, The Fightin' Side of Me, the Strangers added rhythm guitarist Robert "Bobby Wayne" Edrington (December 11, 1941 - September 21, 2009) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and they got their own showcase on the instrumental "Stealin’ Corn". [5] Howard "Jerry Ward" Lowe was the Strangers original bass player and George French (March 6, 1926 - August 14, 1992) played the piano. Felt it in our bones Rather than that, it was beautiful piece of Americana that could be compared with the key works of Calexico and Lambchop, as well as the ones by The Walkabouts, and a great album with a touch of psychedelic rock similar to the one of Dream Syndicate, noir feeling and gothic-rock akin to some works of Nick Cave and the influences of the bands such as The Cramps and The Gun Club. LP. It is broadening and deepening the music of The Strange, conceived in the birth of The Bambi Molesters in the ruined industrial town of Sisak from the verge of Croatia and the existence of The Walkabouts in Seattle, U.S.A. as the epicentre of grunge-rock that Eckman actually didn’t have connecting points with, except the releasing records on Sub Pop. Biff Adam, Dennis Hromek, George French, Joe Holley, This page was last edited on 9 August 2020, at 13:55. Below is a list of all the songs and Stranger call-outs Merle made over his career.

[29], Merle Haggard famously called out members of the Strangers by name on his records prior to their solos.

Brotherhood of Souls, Lost and Found in the Universe of Music.

In Zagreb, Croatia where The Bambi Molesters worked and in Ljubljana, Slovenia where Chris Eckman moved from Seattle, WA. Powered by Poslovna Spajalica, The Strange Flowers come back after 5 years with their 8th album, featuring the original nucleus of the band (Michele Marinò, Giovanni Bruno and Alessandro Pardini), plus drummer Valerio Bartolini.

The only song with lyrics and voice on that album is “Ice And Pinewood Trees”, sang by Chris Eckman and that was the starting point for what would become The Strange. For those who don’t know, The Bambi Molesters with albums such as “Sonic Bullets – 13 From The Hop” (2001) widely broadened the boundaries of surf-rock; becoming one of the best instrumental rock bands recognized by connoisseurs around the world. He sometimes prefixed their name with “Brother,” as in the song "I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink" when he called out “Brother Don” Markham. Knew it from the start Find The Strange Parade tour dates and concerts in your city. And its tearin’ us apart

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