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-Why were some of the girls’ highlight colors the same (Tzuyu and Chaeyoung) – She was born in Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Momo’s voice is too shaky she suits soft songs better. Other members of Luna's adopted family are a frisky young dragon and a wise, poetry-loving bog monster. Nationality: Korean It’s just not her birth name. Tzuyu’s English name is Sally Chou and Mina’s English name is Sharon Myoui. During their debut days, there was a security camera outside their dorm to make sure they didn’t order any food., Group Mina deserved to be a main dancer .She is also a great dancer .Mina and momo dancing style are totally different . So beautiful this Summer Nights photos. I saw their latest teaser photos for ‘Signal’, and it looks like Jihyo lost a lot of weight. Zodiac Sign: Aries Poll: Best Iconic Twice Lyrics? Twice being the fastest kpop girl group to reach 10M views and 20M views myghaaaaddd . from my observations on how they are promoted and how they have introduced themselves these are the positions ; jihyo – leader, main vocalist, main/lead dancer Dahyun Just say, “I love (member name)”. Stage Name: Nayeon (나연) Dahyun knows how to play piano. Dahyun- Lead Rapper, Sub-Vocalist I say that without being rude but I think my words look like rude I’m sorry because of that. You said it, “Some of the members I dont like. Basically in those bands just 1 member was super promoted. SANA: Vocalist / Lead Dancer Position: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Sub Rapper I know Tzuyu is the official visual, but i meant like, Nayeon is part of the visual line, exactly but sadly we can’t change the positions ;(, I LIKE THEM ALOT, THEY ARE ADORABLE BUT THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM JSKSSKJKJS, Honestly I prefer their old positions too, but if these are their new ones we can do nothing with it. she deserves a position of main dancer same as momo, nayeon is the lead dancer? With that in mind is not wrong saying that she is not the main vocal. Twice already 2nd win for TT. !TWICE QUIZ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even if Kcon has these positions it doesn’t matter cause they don’t manage Twice( they might have just based it off special performances and since Nayeon and Mina are usually sent to special performance they are listed as lead and main dancer).

I totally loved the main character, Faith Winters.

a coffee mug?

MAIN VISUAL : TZUYU . Poll: Who is the best dancer in LUNARSOLAR?
Jeongyeon’s name is spelled “Jeongyeon”. Blood Type: O anyway, love Sana and I’m happy she got so many votes. you can’t even spell up omg and you dare to tell me to shut up, Please add this KProfiles!!!! people are just judgemental. Jeongyeon would probably have been a cleaning lady if she hadn’t chose to become an idol. the position appeared in their official Kcon book and were updated on the Korean profiles as well

The Girl Who Lived Twice: A Lisbeth Salander novel, continuing Stieg Larsson's Millennium Series - Kindle edition by Lagercrantz, David, Goulding, George. Official Height: 167 cm (5’6″) /Real Height: 163 cm (5’4″)


“Since we [gesturing to Sana and herself] are from Osaka we speak with dialect.”. , Thank you for the info, it’s really appreciated! ew? most likely nayeon and jeongyeon are the lead vocalists. if you don’t believe me just google so that you can see that it’s they’re english names. Sana: 164cm / 5’4 ♡, im still wondering why they removed sana off the dance line… did we ever get an explaination? Based on the BMI Dwayne the rock Johnson would be OBESES. i think tzuyu face of the group. Dahyun- Yuna Official Height: 163 cm (5’4″) / Approx. center -the one who stands in the middle of the choreography gets pushed the most (NAYEON) – On August 5, 2019, it was confirmed that Jihyo and Kang Daniel are dating. Sana isn’t the visual – where did you get that. Position: Lead Vocalist

The meaning behind it is because the fan said “because you messed up (조지/joji) and wrecked (부시/bush) my heart”, Yup that’s why i asked them to change it back but they’re still ignoring me -_-, I hate that the positions change everytime, Heyy this rankings not shows the real truths i accepted Tzuyu is most popular but Momo should be second and Dahyun should fourth after Sana … and Jihyo should upper she is really popular in korea.. Most people only stan her for her looks. She was rejected. lol y’all are the ones mad. tzuyu and nayeon are actually the visuals.

Local law enforcement closed the case as a triple murder-suicide with Faith’s father being the killer. jeongyeon – lead vocalist Nayeon sings well but is no as technical as Jihyo. NAYEON: OLDEST IN TWICE BUT IS A FAKE MAKNAE

I have now found myself re-evaluating my own life and thinking that maybe I should change my outlook and see the good from the bad. so i hope they aren’t faking it. if i could make their positions, here’s what they’d be: Jihyo — Main Vocal Elkie also posted a selfie with Tzuyu on their instagram and they got couple nails. – She was the first Sixteen member to be announced and also the first member to be confirmed in Twice. Sixteen was not fake and the rumors that the members were pre-selected are false.

dahyun – (5th)lead dancer and (1st) lead Rapper, Just watch her dancing in sixteen she has potential that’s it end of the conversation over here ahahahhahahah, Chaeng – (1st)main Rapper and (2nd) lead vocalist, Her voice is so soft angelic and very deep she is maybe alto or middle or alto and mezzo I think her voice is so beautiful we can’t deny that, Tzuyu – (3rd) lead dancer, (3rd) lead vocalist, maknae and visual.

If you look up on twitter you’ll find a lot of pics from people who went there.

Chaeyoung – Telekinesis @disqus_X80CJeSm8o:disqus. Susan's childhood was effectively cut short by the accident that claimed her parents and brother as she battled survivor's guilt, sexual abuse, and the unending grief and loss that filled her fractured young wo. When did JYP confirmed that only Jihyo is the only main vocalist? Worldwide its TzuMoSa. Where other fantasies might culminate in an extended, blood-soaked battle, this one has a satisfyingly thoughtful resolution. Nayeon is also a big fan of SNSD’s Taeyeon. It makes sense that JYP made Mina the 2nd main dancer because Mina truly is a really good dancer but I completely disagree with JYP’s decision in making Nayeon a lead dancer. I didn’t say Jeongyeon was the “best” I just said her having the 2nd least votes was ridiculous, way to get defensive over nothing though , it’s like that on porpouse tho, (sorry for bad english). Because in Album releases and promotions, I always notice that Dahyun is always/mostly in the center. . She’s really good too.

plus namu wiki can be edited by anyone so it isn’t reliable.
Dahyun I will definitely do what you are doing then!! nayeon used to wear braces (if not mistaken)… since brasec look like train rail, so Conhee create MC Rail…. did they mention anywhere (in any interview or show) that Tzuyu was a lead dancer? They literally said it was because Nancy was so popular. I love twice fandom because they are so not toxic. how is nayeon a lead dancer and not sana? LEAD VOCALIST, FACE OF THE GROUP / CENTER Funny, my three favorites (in order, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Chaeyoung) are the least popular.

Chaeyoung,Sana,Jeongyeon and Mina must be a Lead Vocalist. Watch her rap she has swag and coolness when she rap I remember Lisa from BP when she rap cuz of her coolness she got jams she is rude when rapping since debut and sixteen… Reminder my OPINION!!! Violence is "uncivilized. @disqus_KfOMsPO4dL:disqus

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