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I will never be able to get a good job because of it to be able to support my family. The remaining Booger County Mafia affiliates on the city council – i.e., Michael Werlinger, Joyce Rattler, and Lashunda White – already will be on the May 9, 2016 ballot. Professor Hamilton, a former Clearwater, Florida police officer, said the focus on restitution raises the question of whether wealthier defendants are favored because they are able to pay restitution. And yes, he says, he does fear retaliation from Robertson County officials. I, and most of my friends aren’t interested in his opinions. John Paschall, filed on behalf of 15 African-American residents of Hearne, Texas who were indicted in November 2000 on drug charges after being rounded up in a … If any non-violent offender deserves hard time among common criminals, it’s John Paschall. Now, they are trying to intimidate us. Paschall will handle it....? James declined to comment on the indictment Wednesday but a friend of almost 30 years described Paschall as a good man. One of the investors in CopSync is none other than our old friend Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, who is now under indictment for some of his shady business deals. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: [email protected]. By the next day, he said, most of the posters were in the garbage. Paschall, 61, is accused of misusing money belonging to the estate of Calvert resident Marium Oscar while he served as its executor. Workers will be allowed to turn away clients based on disability, orientation or identity. Meanwhile, Mr. Jackson and former Mayor Milton Johnson (among others) plan to circulate recall petitions for Hearne Mayor Ruben Gomez. Is it time to get all worked up because we are afraid that District Attorney, John Paschall won't aggressively pursue the case? Mr. Siegert obtained the records via grand jury subpoena after I published records showing that city officials had been using taxpayer funds for football tickets and Christmas gifts. This is an outrage. It's past time to get worked up. ", Grits is the first thing I read every morning and I learn something every single time. Mr. Russ’s law firm had also contributed $1,000.00 to her reelection campaign. John Paschall, filed on behalf of 15 African-American residents of Hearne, Texas who were indicted in November 2000 on drug charges after being rounded up in a … - Evan Smith, Editor-in-chief and publisher, The Texas Tribune, - Scott Medlock, Texas Civil Rights Project, - Solomon Moore, NY Times criminal justice correspondent, - Donald Lee, Texas Conference of Urban Counties, John Bradley,Former Williamson County District Attorney, now former Attorney General of Palau. But then term limits would prevent alot of this type of crap from happening. Judge H.D. After I was terminated from the civil case, Mr. Russ convinced Visiting Judge H.D. As someone who grew up in Hearne, it saddens me to see the state of this town. John Paschall was just indicted and arrested with a 30,000 dollar bond for the theft of an old lady. Even so, I’m not sure the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Waco would take the case against Paschall, regardless of whether it was delivered on a silver platter. Worse by far, Judge Roe approved a $3,500.00 payment of attorney fees to Mr. Russ from the $86k that I had already managed to recover from Paschall. Legal Opinion is this legal Plaintiffs sue a person in Boston , Defendant asks for a Deposition to be done by tele Conferencing. The feds would then have enormous leverage to pressure Paschall’s testimony against others. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. The FED should wipe that whole administration down there out. This place is straight out of the film Roadhouse. MuckRock is a non-profit collaborative news site that gives you the tools to keep our government transparent and accountable. The first-degree felony charge carried the same punishment range as a murder charge: five to 99 years on prison, plus an optional fine up to $10,000.00. Probation departments serve too 'many masters,' bu... HPD cops stay on force after bilking city for near... New report criticizes bail industry's parasitic re... Prison cell phones used to rescue guard: What's a ... FBI spending $1 billion on facial recognition tech... State Auditor critiques TDCJ oversight of diversio... 'What Texas criminal justice reformers could teach... Medicaid expansion and addresing severe mental ill... GEO Group employees implicated in straw purchases ... 'The Unexonerated: Factually Innocent Defendants W... State paying bond interest on privatized forensic ... Prison ministry fundraising for visitor lodging fa... Grits attending Texas Tribune festival's Law & Ord... Special prosecutor needed after murder of Hearne c... Recantation boosts possible innocence claims of fo... Banks, businesses central to money laundering but ... Harris County jail population reductions may be sh... Texas Congressman pushing restrictions on law enfo... Appellate court upholds ruling in favor of TYC whi... New criminal penalties wrong solution for TJJD pay... Texas Juvenile Justice Department may eliminate 20... O. Henry pardon application submitted as postal se... IPOT study to grade Texas eyewitness ID policies a... Immigration roundup: Deportation facts and fears. The average citizens of Hearne may yet have the last word. We just imagine that he will do this or that so we get worked up? Today, the drug task forces are history — drug busting is handled by the Texas Department of Public Safety — and there’s a state law against the use of single informants. As someone once said, "You may beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride.". There is still a distinct divide between the 'white' and 'black' sides of town. ", "plenty of biting commentary and credible research", I respect the work Scott does and appreciate his thoughtful and extensive coverage of Texas’s criminal justice system, Governor hopes pro-police push will distract from COVID failures, Top 3 most influential independent law blogs, 'We need rational approach to incarceration', The fallacy of prohibition: Gambling edition. Welcome to Texas justice: You might beat the rap, but you won't beat the ride. She had gotten her GED and enrolled in Blinn College. He had watched the film twice, and he thought it instructive and wholesome. The primary suspect was Paschall's bro-in-law followed by coverups and the resignation of the investigator who dared cross Paschall. JacksonReverend L.R. The inspiration for the drama, Regina Kelly, says fact and fiction are very close to the same in her case. urchinTracker(); "A protein-laden dose of big thinking on criminal justice reform. We can't even rest in peace after death. Under the Texas Public Information Act, I hereby request the following records within 10 days per statute: Any records regarding former officeholder and candidate: John C. Paschall Robertson County Texas District Attorney, for all years. Austin PD requires supervisor approval for consent... Profiteering off murder and misery: Who does more ... Plea bargaining and the innocent defendant. The requested records should include but not be limited to the following:1. Paschall, who ran as a Democrat, was district attorney from 1980 to 1984. Do you think Loretta Lynch’s DOJ would go after a bunch of minority Democrats, especially in a red state like Texas? It's time to call the Justice Department. But I digress. Nothing has changed! “His punishment should fit the crime and 30 days is not long enough.”. 'District Attorneys' Report: Misconduct Exceedingl... Justifying tax increases in Lubbock: Better to dis... TDCJ budget grew 274% more than inflation, populat... 'Applying Lessons From Criminal Justice Reform to ... TPPF: Reclassify nonviolent misdemeanors to save c... Criminal justice reform and the 2012 GOP platform, Legislators focused on reentry heading into session. Austin PD withheld Brady material, administrators ... 'Nice Tails': Prosecuting seafood-related crime. In the civil case, Paschall was represented by Booger County Mafia kingpin Bryan F. “Rusty” Russ, Jr., who also serves as the city attorney for Hearne. One of the candidates whose name keeps surfacing is former Robertson County Judge Jan Roe. “I was so embarrassed,” she remembers. Box 250, Franklin, Texas 77856. Letters must be received before January 21, 2016. Herald called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for advice. Texas is creepy. You may recall that when I served subpoenas on the bank officers, Paschall and his attorneys (who also represented the bank) went nuclear. The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes. BTW the Judge even uses an alias his name is John Brian Williams , but does not use the John part. LawFlog is the blog of Ty Clevenger, a Texas attorney who lives in Brooklyn. THE FEDS ARE ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT HEARNE. Because some people just need a good flogging. L.R. He was indicted in January 1987 on charges of theft by a public servant and misapplication of fiduciary property stemming from allegations that he had pocketed money intended for a crime victim. Also named as a defendant is John Paschall, the Hearne District Attorney and former head of the task force's Hearne unit. 'Prison Break: Budget Crises Drive Reform, But Pri... Time for Austin PD to enact policy on filming poli... Liveblogging Texas Tribune Festival Law and Order ... Law enforcement coming to grips with new limits on... Harris County hires new interim probation director. Eight hours before the Depostion the Judge bars it and orders the Defendant to appear in Rockwall County with in 8 Hours. 7:26, I'm not overlooking the person who did it, I fear Paschall's beef with Workman will keep that person from being caught and prosecuted. Judge Roe is a distinguished affiliate of the Booger County Mafia and, after she was defeated for reelection in 2014, Judge Roe was hired as Vice President of Government Relations by CopSync. Maybe a witness will come forward--not likely. I am reliably informed that Hearne City Council members are secretly interviewing potential candidates to replace City Manager Pee Wee Drake. Kelly acknowledges that she had minor scrapes with the law before the drug bust. What about all the people this man screwed over, including me?? They recruited their cronies to join the Calvert Historical Foundation, ousted its president, fired me as the foundation’s attorney (even though I was working for free), and terminated the lawsuit against Paschall, thereby walking away from more than $86,000 that I had already recovered from Paschall. TEXAS is still living in Dixie. However, I am not really that surprised. FRANKLIN - Former Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall can no longer practice law after pleading guilty Thursday to a felony charg…, FRANKLIN — Former Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall will have to give up his law license after pleading guilty to a felony char…, A district judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit filed against former Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall after the plaintiffs i…, After listening to nearly three hours of evidence and arguments surrounding an estate case involving the former Robertson County district atto…, A complaint filed against former Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall with the State Bar of Texas will be brought before an eviden…, A district judge denied former Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall's effort to halt the proceedings in a civil case alleging he s…, A district judge Wednesday ordered former Roberston County District Attorney John Paschall to turn over nearly two decades of financial record…, Opposing parties in the Mariam Oscar estate case will be back in court Wednesday to continue hashing out which financial records former Robert…, Bank records released last week relating to an estate case involving former Robertson County District Attorney John Paschall have lawyer Ty Cl….

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