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But Thesiger’s camping is a brand that I love. Switchboard: +44 (0) 20 7306 0055, We are currently closed until spring 2023, while essential building works take place, Howard Carter: The Quest for the Tomb of Tutankhamun. She was an English actress who worked under the name Juliet Hardinge. As I’ve often mentioned in the past, I’m usually put off by camp. Janette is 24 degrees from Isaac Asimov, 20 degrees from Ray Bradbury, 20 degrees from Edgar Burroughs, 30 degrees from Arthur Clarke, 23 degrees from Philip Dick, 22 degrees from Robert Heinlein, 29 degrees from Frederik Pohl, 25 degrees from Kurt Vonnegut, 17 degrees from H G Wells and 22 degrees from Kelsey Jackson Williams on our single family tree. Extra “Snowdrop and the Seven Little Men” Court Theatre, London. IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE & DISCLAIMER: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO USE CAUTION WHEN DISTRIBUTING PRIVATE INFORMATION. You can buy a print of most illustrated portraits. Janette Mary Fernie Ranken Thesiger. Thesiger formerly Ranken. J.B. Priestley’s and Melvyn Douglas’ names are misspelled. I am always writing parts for you, Ernest. Among its many distinctions, James Whale’s “Bride of Frankenstein” (Universal, 1935) is one of the few examples in movie history of a sequel that is much better than the original picture. Born on January 15, 1879, Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger, CBE, was the grandson of the Baron Chelmsford, and the nephew of General Frederic Augustus Thesiger, 2nd Baron Chelmsford, who, one week after Ernest’s birth, led his troops into a disastrous fight against a Zulu army at the Battle of Isandlwana, a crushing victory for the Zulus — and the British army’s all-time worst defeat at the hands of a technologically inferior indigenous force. Have you taken a DNA test? Dr MacFarlane’s wife (Edith Atwater) tells him she is “fey” (which, in Scottish superstition, means she has the gift of prophecy) and he agrees. If you want to see the whole thing, you’ll find it as a special feature on the DVD of “Swing Time.” As you will see, the chorus line in this number is ragged as hell, but it’s awfully funny when you look at it immediately after watching Fred and Ginger in “Swing Time.” I especially like those beefy, middle-aged devils in evening dress. This next scene contains my favorite line in the picture. If you wish to license this image, please use our Rights and Images service. Edith Atwater, Henry Daniell: ‘You’re a fey creature, Meg, with mad ideas . Look at yourself! Can you tell us more about this portrait? “Look! 1904 “The Libation Bearers” Royal Shakespeare Company. He was wounded in battle almost at once and sent home. Lafayette (Lafayette Ltd) (founded 1880), Photographers. Kensington, London, England, United Kingdom, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/193364875/janette-mary_fernie-thesiger. CONTENT MAY BE COPYRIGHTED BY WIKITREE COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Ernest Thesiger does not mention Janette in his memoir, Practically True, even if they had a public life together, and Richard Thesiger, Ernest's nephew, said to Spurling that Janette Thesiger told him the marriage had never been consummated. Clive is erroneously listed as C.C. This time, he plays the cadaverous lord of the manor, Horace Femm(! Prices start at £6 for unframed prints, £25 for framed prints. Throughout his long life (he died in 1961, on the eve of his eighty-second birthday), Thesiger moved in several literary, theatrical and artistic circles. Select the portrait of interest to you, then look out for a Buy a Print button. All contributions are moderated. It’s a dreadful thing to see Henry Daniell pitch woo to a fetching lassie — far more alarming than to see him saw up a cadaver. Spirit “The Tempest” Royal Shakespeare Company. For my money, Ernest Thesiger steals the whole show. She left Jourdain and on 30 May 1917 Janette Ranken married Ernest Thesiger b 1880 d 14/1/1961. of Robert Burt Ranken and Mary Witherington (Dunlop) Ranken. (Last Updated on October 10, 2013), Frightfulness II: Funny Halloween Fare, 2014 Edition, Happy Birthday, Claude Rains: A Few Words about ‘Deception’, Shakespeare Gets the Sackcloth and Ashland Treatment, Claude Rains Gets All Jiggery-Pokery in ‘Where Danger Lives’, Bette Davis and James Stephenson in ‘The Letter’. It would have been interesting to see Rains in the role, but it’s hard to believe anyone could bring more eccentric lunacy to the part than dear old Ernest. Thesiger originally intended to be a painter; he haunted the studio of John Singer Sargent, who was his close friend. Thesiger makes me laugh just by the way he pronounces the word “gin.”. He played the part of Dr Septimus Pretorius in the 1935 movie "The Bride of Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff. By ticking permission to publish you are indicating your agreement for your contribution to be shown on this collection item page. If you have information to share please complete the form below. She claims to despise soft, white skin and long, straight legs, but she can’t keep her crooked fingers to herself. In the 1920s, Ranken was President of the West London Branch of the Theosophical Society. He made his movie debut in 1916, in a spoof of “Macbeth” as it might look if presented by an American company: Thesiger played one of the Weird Sisters . Mary Rankin passed away on month day 1970. I have no idea, but I laugh out loud every time I hear him say it. The National Portrait Gallery will NOT use your information to contact you or store for any other purpose than to investigate or display your contribution. And funny, of course. The majority of Lewton’s pictures are based on the central premise that we’re most frightened by the things we can’t see. I don’t know if there’s another actor who makes me laugh as much as Ernest Thesiger does. Every word that comes out of his mouth is droll; every cartoon face he pulls is hilarious. How do you know this? Ranken attended Oxford University where she met Margaret Jourdain. In the fifties, he developed the El Dorado Country Club and was the president of what became the Bob Hope Golf Classic. Please note your email address will not be displayed on the page nor will it be used for any marketing material or promotion of any kind. But Ernest Thesiger, who knew Ranken through her brother William, proposed a white marriage to Ranken, and she accepted. again in drag. Janette Mary Fernie (Ranken) Thesiger 16 Dec 1877 Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom - 21 May 1970 last edited 8 Jun 2020. . Oh, he was a mad old thing . The girl singer is Marcia Wayne. Deep, deep shadows and not a soul in sight, then a sound effect that tells the story. 2 She married Ernest Frederic Graham Thesiger, son of Hon. Gilbert William Alfred Ranken 05 Apr 1861 Wimbledon, Surrey, England, … Original poster. married 29/May/1917 to Janette Mary Fernie Ranken (b. We'll need your email address so that we can follow up on the information provided and contact you to let you know when your contribution has been published. The original title was minus the article. Edward Alfred Arthur Ranken 1859 Wimbledon, Surrey, England - 1933 managed by Roger Lloyd. Artist back to top. Janette Mary Fernie (Ranken) Thesiger (1878 - 1970) Janette Mary Fernie. ), who looks to me to be the model for the acerbic food critic, Anton Ego, in “Ratatouille.” His sepulchral attire and the black rings round his eyes also remind me of the butler in Chas Addams’ cartoons. She was a member of the Psychical Research Society. Upon hearing the news, brother William expressed his opprobrium by shaving off all his beautiful chestnut hair. Sitter in 3 portraits. Apparently, Thesiger and Janette wed largely out of their mutual adoration of her extraordinarily handsome brother. Just one grandparent can lead you to many A year or two after he appeared in “Bride of Frankenstein,” he published a book entitled “Adventures in Embroidery” about needlework, which was his hobby. As this next clip will demonstrate, Miss Rebecca Femm (Eva Moore) is not the most welcoming hostess in the British Isles. He replied, “Oh, my dear, the noise! If you require information from us, please use our Archive enquiry service. You can see the 2014 Edition by clicking here: “Frightfulness II: Funny Halloween Fare, 2014 Edition.”, Flash Pans! They moved to London and lived together. We digitise over 8,000 portraits a year and we cannot guarantee being able to digitise images that are not already scheduled. Please ensure your comments are relevant and appropriate. Shaw wrote the role of the Dauphin in “Saint Joan” for him. by Lafayette whole-plate film negative, 4 December 1929 Given by Pinewood Studios via Victoria and Albert Museum, 1989 Photographs Collection NPG x69946. Born 1878 in Edinburgh Scotland. If so, login to add it. One assumes he was better in that line of work than in the acting game. Daniell is as swishy and creepy as ever, but he’s better than usual, except for the stupendously terrible love scenes with his unexpected wife. stage name Juliet Hardinge. E.E. . but not very far. Vintage poster. While still a young man, Thesiger switched from painting to acting and befriended Mrs Patrick Campbell and George Bernard Shaw, with whom he worked closely. Please could you let us know your source of information. Could you be a doctor, a healing man, with the things those eyes have seen? Three years later (1917), in an improbable move, he married Janette Mary Fernie Ranken — the sister of his close friend, William Bruce Ellis Ranken. The murder of the street singer is echt Val Lewton; Robert Wise directed, but the moment is pure Lewton. . Janette Mary Fernie Ranken. Charcoal sketch of Ernest Thesiger by John Singer Sargent. Search over 215,000 works, 150,000 of which are illustrated from the 16th Century to the present day. Contributions are moderated. Can you tell us more about this portrait? Maugham was also a good friend, and once wrote to him, “. WIKITREE PROTECTS MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION BUT ONLY TO THE EXTENT STATED IN THE TERMS OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY POLICY. Thesiger is so outrageously queeny, he makes Quentin Crisp seem like Charles Bronson by comparison. In “The Old Dark House,” piety is presented as a symptom of madness; in the case of Rebecca Femm, it appears to be no other thing but the desperate means by which a lubricious old lesbian hopes to repress the carnal desires that torment her and keep her awake a-nights. Rains was a great actor, but not a natural eccentric: in this case, therefore, I think Whale was right to insist on Thesiger. I think it’s going too far to say that it’s a great picture, but it’s entertaining, commendably short and very very funny.

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