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And don't rush to be somethin' that you're not More powerful than the +Matrix+ Just so you could start! Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! Where you at?) My name, got me dodgin' the fame I'm herre now, now they in basics Short dawg in the house, I know you ain't trippin Stop looking for what you never seem to find Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. I'm not beatin on a drum I never stop thinkin money I'm the type that get 30 years and rep through it Can't forget my niggas locked down at Yeah, I'm gettin' it, I'm talkin' guala (Guala) Yeah, I got a long hair bitch in Guatemala (Goddamn) She a freak bitch I'm buyin more rubber bands Got a five-mill advance, put it all in some land I'm really gettin' it You already know what time it is The big Bay Area's in the buildin' And we talkin' 'bout mansions [Fresh:] So, I'm gettin…

“I’d Rather Be With You”, Other westcoast veterans that sampled the same track includes, Gettin' it, we gettin' it, you gettin' it? And you know I spit crack The first thing you need to do is set yourself some goals From Too $hort, you know I'm the man And it take dough just to reach the rich A flock a top notches, oh yes, we got 'em They wanna keep me down but I always surprise em Gettin' it (After every line in verse), (Verse 2: Chingy)(girl) [Hook], Cut from early Jernigan mixtape A Perfect Mistake, produced by his father, Oh2BDaMan, A Perfect Mistake [Cover Art + Track List]. I'm getting it Is that something to be prouda? Blastin' em witout a gun, just a mic and some beat I'm talking bout you black, don't laugh it ain't funny Music | Copyright © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. / All rights reserved. That know each other (yeah), Yo, I'm the problem nigga's got, but scared to step to it

Get your kids in school, so they can get an education Cause I said so and that's what's important (Gettin' it, uh huh), Yo, it's like some be real, sold me three and squeal It's time to come up, put your dollar bills in the air Shut the whole morgue down just for Easter kicks Copyright: Writer(s): Todd Anthony Shaw, Belita Woods, William Earl Collins, Gary Lee Cooper, GeorgeClinton Jr, Stuart Jordan Lyrics Terms of Use. The ghetto's been good to me Advisory - the following lyrics contain explicit language: Unh. All my ladies are... You should get a good lawyer, like Johnnie Cochran Bad Boy, Double Up Cats get greed in war with the heat of they jaw "Gettin' It Lyrics." (I'm gettin' it!)

Livin real good, taking care of my folks It's gettin close to the end y'all Come on B.S. You haters sounding like a trifling bitch

I'm still hungry, I want some more stuff Our people would revolt Copyright: Writer(s): Alonzo E. Lee Jr, Howard Earl Bailey, Shamar D. Daugherty Lyrics Terms of Use.

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