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The European Parliament began as the Common Assembly for the six member states of the European Coal and Steel Community, which was founded in 1951. [71] Under the Lisbon Treaty reforms, Germany was the only state to lose members from 99 to 96. The European Parliament is the only directly elected body within the EU. The President is essentially the speaker of the Parliament and presides over the plenary when it is in session. Parliament, you can either contact your local MEP, or petition the Parliament [117], The Parliament has 20 Standing Committees consisting of 25 to 73 MEPs each (reflecting the political make-up of the whole Parliament) including a chair, a bureau and secretariat. Parliament’s public register, European The President's signature is required for all acts adopted by co-decision, including the EU budget. However, European Union governance is based on a mixture of intergovernmental and supranational features: the President of the European Commission is nominated by the European Council, representing the governments of the member states, and there is no obligation for them to nominate the successful "candidate". 1024/F F-67070 Strasbourg CedexFrance, European Union House12- 14 Lower Mount StreetDublin D02 W710. However, the Council was required to agree a uniform voting system beforehand, which it failed to do. "The situation in France and Belgium is very serious. The Parliament has a President. Indeed, for much of its life it has been dominated by a grand coalition of the European People's Party and the Party of European Socialists. A growing number of senior EU figures — including Sassoli himself — have recently been forced to self-quarantine after coming into contact with those who have tested positive for the coronavirus. Finden Sie heraus, wie Sie mit dem Europäischen Parlament in Kontakt bleiben können. on extraordinary rendition). Rule 101: Appointment of the Members of the Court of Auditors", "When Britain exits the EU, its diversity departs too", "The EU is too white – and Brexit likely to make it worse, MEPs and staff say", "Distribution of EP seats: Constitutional Affairs Committee approvals proposal", "Ratification of Parliament's 18 additional MEPs completed", "Agreement details: Protocol amending the Protocol on Transitional Provisions annexed to the Treaty on European Union, to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and to the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community (Deposited with the Government of the Italian Republic)", "MEPs seek change to Lisbon Treaty to accommodate new colleagues", "7. On 2 July 2018, MEPs rejected proposals to tighten the rules around the General Expenditure Allowance (GEA),[134] which "is a controversial €4,416 per month payment that MEPs are given to cover office and other expenses, but they are not required to provide any evidence of how the money is spent". The Parliament’s call comes as the Council of 27 member states is expected to adopt the European Commission’s proposal on the Reinforced Youth Guarantee in the next few weeks. That is where the European parliament has suddenly come into its own. [109][110] The President is currently David Sassoli (S&D). All publications by EPRS are publicly available on the EP Think Tank platform. For example, in 1984, inspired by its previous work on the Political Community, it drafted the "draft Treaty establishing the European Union" (also known as the 'Spinelli Plan' after its rapporteur Altiero Spinelli MEP). [79] Once recognised, groups receive financial subsidies from the parliament and guaranteed seats on committees, creating an incentive for the formation of groups. If there is a disagreement between them, it is taken to a conciliation committee as it is for legislative proposals. The group was, however, blocked from gaining leading positions on committees – traditionally (by agreement, not a rule) shared among all parties. [34], The few other areas that operate the special legislative procedures are justice and home affairs, budget and taxation, and certain aspects of other policy areas, such as the fiscal aspects of environmental policy. [7][8] The Parliament is the "first institution" of the European Union (mentioned first in its treaties and having ceremonial precedence over the other EU institutions),[9] and shares equal legislative and budgetary powers with the Council (except on a few issues where the special legislative procedures apply). Explore the live extension of our journalism. [101] Votes of MEPs are not recorded in either case, however; that only occurs when there is a roll-call ballot. The President is elected by the MEPs, two times every two and a half years, to organise the meetings and speak for the Parliament when meeting other leaders. Anyone can be elected, they are elected by all the EU citizens, the people who are citizens of a country in the EU. [125], Usually a language is translated from a foreign tongue into a translator's native tongue. However, when Parliament threatened to vote down the Nice Treaty, the Belgian and Italian Parliaments said they would veto the treaty on the European Parliament's behalf. Socialist leader, Pauline Green MEP, attempted a vote of confidence and the EPP put forward counter motions. [86], Elections have taken place, directly in every member state, every five years since 1979. The agreement can be ratified by the competent national courts and can also lay the foundation for consensual separation or divorce.[159]. [164], Since 2007, the LUX Prize is awarded by the European Parliament to films dealing with current topics of public European interest that encourage reflection on Europe and its future. The resulting pressure forced the proposal to be withdrawn and changed to be more acceptable to parliament. [158][159] Since its institution, the chair has been held by Mairead McGuinness (since 2014), Roberta Angelilli (2009–2014), Evelyne Gebhardt (2004–2009), Mary Banotti (1995–2004), and Marie-Claude Vayssade (1987–1994).

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