cricket darts

Start out by picking teams (if doubles) and choosing who shoots first. Closing Numbers. It's strengths are that the rules are simple and it gives weaker darts players a chance against stronger players. Like most games of darts you begin a game of cricket by throwing at the bullseye to decide who shoots first. Each player takes turn shooting at the center of the dartboard and the player who gets the closet gets the first turn. Cricket Darts Rules Starting Out. The object of the game is to rack up points by 'closing out' certain numbers on the board before your opponent does. The object is to close numbers 15 through 20 and the bulls eye by hitting them each three times before your opponent. Cricket is an exciting darts game that can either be played one-on-one or team-versus-team. Scoring Points in Cricket.

You close a number by scoring three of that number. Cricket Darts Game Cricket is a favorite among bar dart games across America. But if they 'close out' before you, then you'll be the one playing catch-up.

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