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According to one story Ben had invited George to dinner at the fancy Ocean Park Restaurant in Los Angeles, and then later they would repair to the rented home of Ben's girlfriend, Virginia Hill. Fulgencio was always willing to accept - well - "expeditionary fees" from the businessmen who wanted to build a new hotel cum casino in Cuba's capital. But once it happened it made perfect sense that someone would come in and tell them. I thought you would as Captain Mephisto said to Sidney Brand. Edward G. RobinsonFrom Nobel Prize Winners to Monks. How can you say the lesser of the actors was the best. Despite this series of missed opportunities, Raft maintained his professional status by teaming with Robinson and Marlene Dietrich in Manpower (1941), an excellent melodrama directed by Walsh.

The Red Skelton Show with George Raft as Guest. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Raft was born in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, in 1895 or 1901 (accounts differ). In the last decade of his life, George was not in good health. Where did he go wrong?

But the next few years continued to be very good for Raft. Grace and George didn't stay together for long. Benny Siegel? Ben, though, "persuaded" George to show up. He went through Los Angeles while touring a show with nightclub performer Texas Guinan and decided to stay on, picking up small parts in movies, usually dancing and/or looking sinister.

Even into the 1980's, nightclub performers had to deal with mobsters who did not always have the most stable personalities. We grew up in the same part of New York. I used to figure that from this point on, it was all downhill for Raft – who could survive a cold streak of so many bad decisions?

They just didn’t imagine him that way – when he was in “Petrified Forest” they would go “oh, he’s a gangster” but didn’t think of him as a lead until later. As an actor Raft was a stiff. Amazingly, incredibly, Raft turned it down – he did not want to play someone so unsympathetic – despite the quality of the material, the director, the producer, the crew and the other members of the cast. Raft was replaced by Jack La Rule and the resulting film was a commercial disappointment which did little for La Rue’s career – an outcome that served to give Raft a false idea of the quality of his instincts when it came to script selection.

More people, though, may remember the song from the movie 10 where Bo Derek also - ah - "danced" to the same tune. George Raft had perhaps the worst judgement of any film star in Hollywood history. What lessons can be learned from George Raft’s career? There he took small roles in motion pictures. He was certainly discussed as a possibility to play Rick Blaine (both the role and film were very much in his wheelhouse) – indeed, Raft actively campaigned for the part – but by now Warners were sick of him, as they had every right to be, and they cast Bogart, this time their first choice.

How, you ask, did a tough street kid become a professional dancer?

Jimmy later started his own club and hired George specifically as a dancer. He wondered just "what the [heck] I had done to deserve that kind of kick in the [pants]." J. Edgar HooverHe couldn't be of assistance. And I doubt anyone had forgotten Raft’s track record of punching co-stars and producers. It was Ben and his friends who looked to George as a model for the most modern major mobster. So when the Flamingo opened, Ben asked George to show up for the gala celebration on December 26, 1946. Unfortunately, William Randolph Hearst - the publishing mogul who also had considerable influence in Hollywood - had sent word that any movie stars who went to the opening might never work again. As with much of George's personal life, there are some questions about his relationships. Although some casinos continued to operate for a while, their connection to the United States - not to mention their unsavory association with American mobsters - was too much for Fidel and his buddies.

For their part, the FBI denied they ever contacted England in the matter, and attempts by George to arrange a face-to-face meeting with Edgar were rebuffed. She had flown - with suspicious timing according to some - to Paris in time to be in Paris when Ben was killed.

Another indication came when he turned down the male lead in Belle of the Nineties (1934) with Mae West because his part was subordinate to West’s. We won't mention specific orchestras but there have been performances even from the Big Five where the principal trombonist blooped some of the notes. Of course, the time between Ben's demise and the boys showing up has never been pinned down and the accounts vary from the oft-told five minutes to an hour. Sam Goldwyn wanted him to play a gangster in Dead End (1937) based on Sidney Kingsley’s hit Broadway play, under the direction of William Wyler, then at his peak. He was well received as the enforcer hero in the original screen version of Dashiel Hammett’s, The Glass Key (1935). Den George Raft, gebuer als George Ranft de 26.September 1901 zu New York City a gestuerwen de 24. The Warners-Raft association should have been ideal – the studio made a lot of tough guy movies suitable for the actor – but it would turn out to be an even more turbulent relationship than the one he had with Paramount. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The new rules closed many of the loopholes and made it much more difficult to open an English casino. Sign up for free giveaways, reviews, our weekly round-up of movie news, and more! George even had a brief part in the 1967 version of Casino Royale which has to be one of the worst movies ever printed to celluloid (and it gets worse with each viewing). Readers’ Top Histories and Biographies of the Last 5 Years. The film took a while to be released  (Howard Hughes produced, and there was censorship trouble) but advance word was sensational and earned Raft a long term contact with Paramount. Great historical read. Mostly because Virginia wasn't in the Flamingo at the time. I suppose I'd be a millionaire today if I hadn't spent so much on broads." Raft’s first breakthrough came when cast as Spencer Tracy’s bodyguard in Quick Millions (1931), a gangster flick at Fox from writer-director Rowland Brown. But George had a previous engagement. His well publicised friendship with Bugsy Siegel wouldn’t have helped, especially after Siegel’s corpse was found riddled with bullets in 1947 – movie stars who knew gangsters before they were famous was a bit titillating, but ones who continued to regularly associate with them is something else. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In 1945, Bugsy took over the project from Hollywood publisher, businessman, and habitual gambler, Billy Wilkerson. Regardless of the size of the family, evidence is that young George didn't get along too well with his dad. Virtually all of the transplanted mobsters were also deported. Then he had the lead Under Cover Man (1932), as a crook who goes undercover to bust the baddies – a trope that Raft would come to love far too much for his own good. But he also rejected roles in The Sea Wolf (1941), High Sierra (1941) and The Maltese Falcon (1941) – these were all terrific films, and what’s more they were great scripts, and anyone with taste who could read would have been able to tell that. "Sure," he later said. The studio did put Raft into a Casablanca knock off – Background to Danger (1943) where he plays an American in neutral Turkey who gets caught up in intrigue. It needs be pointed out that George wasn't the only American to get the boot.

I worked as a dancer in joints they owned.". Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. ", Gangster film fans, Hollywood historians, gossip column readers. After identifying himself as a member of the district attorney's office, the speaker asked him to come downtown. So too was a musical he made at Fox, Nob Hill (1945), one of those “gay 90s” period pieces the studio like to churn out, directed by Hathaway. An alternative version sounds a bit less contrived. It seemed Raft was back – but after a cameo in Around the World in 80 Days (1956), the offers dried up again. That included California Senator George Murphy and newspaper columnist and radio personality Walter Winchell. He worked as a greeter at a gambling club in London but was forbidden to re-enter England after a trip away because of his gangster connections. George - and almost any of Bugsy's friends who had money - were involved in helping Bugsy build - or at least complete - the Flamingo Hotel. Then the wind started to blow a little colder. So Ben's friends were getting the word that Ben was killed almost as soon as Ben hit the floor (or rather fell back on the couch). Here’s the trailer for Background to Danger. The irony is, Raft’s career actually survived turning down these movies – what ended his reign as a star were the projects he did afterwards. About 90 % of the UK based casinos closed and those that stayed in business were strictly regulated and supervised. He is a genuine threat – doesn’t play it for gags. Raft still had enough misplaced confidence in his own taste to insist on script rewrites that changed his character into someone who was secretly an undercover agent all along… an adjustment which completely undercut the point of the story. Howard Hawks then cast him as Paul Muni’s gangster sidekick in Scarface (1932), a variation of his Quick Millions role only with more meat on it – constantly flicking a coin with a fedora tilted down, seducing Muni’s sister, then paying for it with his life.

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