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Time Elixirs and EVENT ITEMs may also be used to restore CP. EVENT ITEMs can be exchanged for items and even special units available no where else.

START: September 5th, 2014, post-maintenance

Only ONE SUPPORT UNIT may be chosen PER SKILL.

A maximum of five assists can be received for a single battle.

There are 4 difficulty levels.

The battle is won when all units on the enemy team have been defeated. In a bad matchup, a unit will only do 0.5X its normal damage. The cooldown will differ depending on the skill.

Lent skills will have to be reapplied once activated to use again. There is a limit to the number of Potions that can be used to continue a battle.

You can view your rank and the rank of the top ten players via the Ranking page. Attack type matchups will have no effect on damage done by the Riposte skill. Jeter un sort mortel (1991) est un fantastique détective film de télévision avec Fred Ward , Julianne Moore , David Warner et Clancy Brown . Skill names will be abbreviated. The deadline to trade in your EVENT ITEMe rewards is Aug. 21, 2014 at 2:00 am PST/PDT. The Counter starts at 20, and when it reaches 0 both teams receive a 2X attack boost.

Four units from each team will begin the fight, and the others will be switched in as the first 4 fall. Up to 4 Support Units can be chosen when prepping for battle.

Des monstres et autres bêtes côtoient les humains. Setting the Attack Order There is a deadline to trade in your EVENT ITEMs.

Attack skills will be lent in order from the left-most unit in the attack order bar. Dennis Hopper - Harry Phillip Lovecraft (same initials as Howard Phillips Lovecraft) Penelope Ann Miller - Kim Hudson; Eric Bogosian - Senator Larson Crockett; Sheryl Lee Ralph - Hypolita Laveau Kropotkin; Julian Sands - Finn Macha; Valerie Mahaffey - Trudy; John Epperson - Vivian Dart (as Lypsinka) Debi Mazar - The Manicurist; Alan Rosenberg - N.J. Gotlieb

This limit is reset at the following times each day: 4:00 am PST/PDT, 4:00 pm PST/PDT. Il a été réalisé par Martin Campbell , produit par Gale Anne Hurd et écrit par Joseph Dougherty . If the same number of units are deployed by both teams, then the victory is yours. If the Clash Counter hits 0 when the attack boost is 10X, then the victory will go to the team with more units remaining. Clash of Legends: Cast a Deadly Spell Clash of Legends is a new type of event where you gain BT Pts by defeating foes in battles of different difficulty levels. ・Daily Items

Affected units take damage whenever they attack for a set number of turns.


If the battle winner has not been determined by the time the Clash Counter hits 0 after a 10X boost, the team with most units deployed will be the victor. A battle is won when all the units on the opposing team have fallen.

Units 5 through 8 in blue will be switched on to the battlefield in order as Units 1 through 4 fall.

HBO a produit une suite , Witch Hunt avec Dennis Hopper jouant Lovecraft à la place de Ward. Male, Female, and Palace Guard Attack Boosts will all be treated as an Attack Boost.

Mini:StB During battles, Arena Skills will be used instead of normal skills. Short:DEF Order, ・Nerve Strike

Units 5 through 8 will appear one by one in order, replacing the first 4 as they fall in battle. button incurs a cooldown.

A Clash Counter will count down towards 0 each time a turn is taken.

After a defeat, you may choose to use a Potion or EVENT ITEM to continue the battle and aim for a victory.

The skill will only activate once the effects of the stun have worn off.

Lent skills will not activate if the unit is defeated. Up to 5 assists can be received per battle. You may only receive extra EVENT ITEMs each day the first time you answer an ally request for up to 30 allies. You may create up to 4 teams, each consisting of up to 8 Battle Units and 4 Support Units.

The group you will be placed in is determined at random.

Short:Speed Order, ・Defense Order Treasure Chests may drop when you defeat enemies during battle. Go to the Rankings page after the event has finished to confirm your final rankings and press Receive to have your ranking rewards sent to your Inbox.

Mini:DEF ・Lending Offensive Skills

Daily items from the previous day will no longer be available past 4:00 am PST/PDT. Unanswered sent or received requests will not be reset. This is the number of EVENT ITEMs needed to trade in for an item. La chasse aux sorcières a lieu dans les années 1950 lors de la deuxième peur rouge , avec la magie substituée au communisme . In the Clash of Legends: Cast a Deadly Spell event, you will go to battle with your team.

Special units are units that offer unique bonuses during the Clash of Legends: Cast a Deadly Spell event. EVENT ITEMs that have been sent from other players are automatically used in boss fights. BT Pts can also be gained after a defeat, but you will gain more from a victory. Double, Triple, Quad, and Penta Attacks have a chance of activating the Riposte skill. ・ Good Matchups

CP will not go over 6 even if EVENT ITEM is used. The MAX attack boost that can be applied from the Clash Counter is 10X.

Short:Triple Atk, ・Critical Shot

Mini:3x He was played by Michael Reid McKay. Reward Brackets will now be split into different groups. ・Availability This gargoyle was a secondary antagonist in the TV movie Cast a Deadly Spell. EVENT ITEM can be used to MAX your CP. Ward stars 1948 Hardboiled détective privé Philip H. Lovecraft, dans une fiction de Los Angeles où la magie est réelle, des monstres et des bêtes mythiques rôdent dans les ruelles arrières, les zombies sont utilisés comme main - d'œuvre pas cher, et tout le monde, sauf Lovecraft utilisations magie tous les jours. If your request is answered, help will arrive at the start of the next battle.

・EVENT ITEM You must have earned at least 1 BT Pt to be eligible for any rank reward. ・Lending Defensive Skills

Prepare for battle by setting up your team.

Arena skills will be activated during battles in the Clash of Legends: Cast a Deadly Spell event.

Fred Ward - Harry Philip Lovecraft (mêmes initiales que Howard Phillips Lovecraft) Julianne Moore - Connie Stone; David Warner - Amos Hackshaw; Alexandra Powers - Olivia Hackshaw; Clancy Brown - Harry Bordon Victories will be counted separately for each difficulty level. Confirming the Enemy Team The higher the rarity of the special unit, the better the bonuses. Short:Stone Breath, ・Chain Lightning

They didn't speak or disobey orders, and were often immensely strong. De nombreux personnages réapparaissent de Cast a Deadly Spell , bien que certains aient des histoires différentes. Once the lent skill has been used, any original skill will regain the chance to activate. Gold chests will give the best rewards when opened. Clash of Legends is a new type of event where you gain BT Pts by defeating foes in battles of different difficulty levels.

Units cannot be lent more than one skill.

Up to 4 teams can be created to use against a variety of enemies, each consisting of Battle Units and Support Units. An abbreviation of the skill name will appear above the icon of the unit it was applied to.

The zombie was a minor villain in the TV movie Cast a Deadly Spell.

As your victories for each difficulty level increases, the Legend difficulty level will appear randomly. 3.

・Speed Order - Speeds up all friendly units (for one round). Units 1 through 4 will be the first to appear during battle. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 3 décembre 2019 à 14:55. The event units for Clash of Legends: Cast a Deadly Spell are listed below.

During a battle, any unit in your team, including Support Units, cannot be traded, sold, used in enhancement, or exchanged for Leana Points. Magic units do 1.5 x damage to Melee units. Attack skills cannot be lent to a unit in the middle of an attack. De nombreux personnages réapparaissent de Cast a Deadly Spell, bien que certains aient des histoires différentes.

・Incinerate - Burns the attacked enemy unit. CP can be restored instantly with Time Elixirs and Angelic Essence. 2.

・Chain Lightning - Deals damage to all enemy units on field, while stunning them for a length of time.

And only one unit can be selected for any one skill. Once a Support Unit has been used, there will be a cooldown until it can be used again. Cooldown will not be reset even if a unit is defeated before the lent skill could be activated. A EVENT ITEM assist will give even more damage. Ranking will be determined by your total number of BT Pts.

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