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For your convenience the meditations are listed under four categories. PTSD, Wellness, Energy and Health. Some may represent more than one category.

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Do you suffer from Mytocytosis (Mast Cell) disease?

People who suffer from mast cell disease understand the pain and discomfort that it brings.

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Welcome. Visit the Infinity Healing Room both online and in my store located in Roberts Creek, BC. Take a moment to browse the services that I offer.

**Due to COVID-19 concerns I am not offering on-site readings or massage therapy sessions until further notice**


Thank you for letting us know how you feel about Kalawna’s Guided Meditations. If you would like to offer your experience, please Contact Kalawna.

Thank you for your smoking cessation audio on YouTube. I only had to listen once to quit completely. I have not had a single urge, craving or relapse since listening. You have completely cured and reprogrammed me. You truly are a blessing.
I thank you again for your smoking cessation hypnosis. Your wording was most effective. I especially like when you say "don't lie to me, and don't lie to yourself. I know you can do this, and you know you can do this." I have completely regained my will. I am no longer a slave to smoking. I am in control. As soon as I woke up from the first listening, I knew all cravings and urges were completely gone. I cannot thank you enough.
For some reason your name came up in the past few days on more than one occasion. I specifically noticed how it was not a thought but more of a feeling that spoke from my heart. It was a feeling of love. About 2 years ago I had a session reserved with you and we did begin the reading. At one point into the first part of the reading I became agitated and concerned this was not working. I hardly remember the session, but we briefly spoke and quickly ended the session before much exchange. You left my payment unclaimed. I remember how months after the reading something reminded me of something you briefly spoke of was actually happening, something that I labeled as 'yeah sure'. This message today is to say I am sorry for my brief and unfriendly behaviour those years ago. Over the past few years I have grown in so many ways. Possibly my thoughts and actions from the time with you have come up to pass. I have never had such a clear heart-felt message come through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kalawna’s Guided Meditations are designed to contribute towards wellness as you utilize the best aspects of your brain, emotions, and five senses. It is one of the easiest, yet most complex, ways to achieve and maintain a sense of wellness. We are all different individuals, but as humans we are all programmed in the same way towards wellness. Influences affecting your programming such as negativity, trauma or stress can ultimately influence your sense of wellness. Kalawna’s Guided Meditations help you to reprogram by influencing areas that will assist your healing and move you much faster towards a state of wellness.

Kalawna’s Guided Meditations are designed to be used with headphones in a relaxing environment. Take the time to lay back or sit quietly while you listen.  Do NOT use while driving, running appliances or operating heavy machinery as it causes drowsiness.

You will have your own personal experiences. Kalawna’s Guided Meditations are only a part of the process of healing and promoting wellness. You might experience moments where you cry, laugh, cough a lot, or shake. You may feel cold or warm at times. Many people feel rested and don’t notice a change at all. Acknowledge those experiences. Allow yourself to feel as it is part of the process towards wellness.

The brain is like a computer that is full of information programmed into you by your experiences in your life. In addition, your interactions with other people, your parents, family, friends is all downloaded into your brain and all of it affects your well being. Guided Meditations is like the software that you would install to accomplish a desired effect in your computer. When a Guided Meditations are used it assists you with reaching the areas of your brains that affects thought and promotes action towards achieving your desired goal.

Commit yourself to your goal. You are a beautiful person who is seeking guidance in  achieving wellness. Take time for yourself. Drink water, sleep for at least 7 hours nightly.Eat healthy. Believe in yourself.

Though it is not necessary you may keep a journal of your experiences as you go through this process. Keeping a record of your progress helps you to witness the changes in your life with respect to achieving the wellness that you are seeking. It can be a helpful growth experience for you.

What happens next is up to you. Commitment and attitude means a lot to your process in moving forward. You may experience increased dreaming or nightmares. Not to worry. It is your mind’s way of processing data. Dreams can affect how you feel, which is okay. It is important to recognize the thoughts you have after using Kalawna’s Guided Meditations because it allows you to acknowledge your fears and what may be blocking you from achieving wellness.

No. Kalawna’s Guided Meditations are not designed to brainwash you. However, in a way, you are brainwashing yourself. As you utilize the best aspects of your brain, emotions, and five senses to promote wellness you can change certain aspects of your thought process in order to achieve wellness. It comes with dedication and concentration. Kalawna’s Guided Meditations offer an opportunity to alter your perspective, your attitude, and committing to it can promote wellness in your life. It takes practice and commitment. And it takes you to achieve the wellness you are seeking.

Listen to Kalawna’s Guided Meditations once daily for at least three days. Then a recommended minimum of three times per week until you reach your goal.

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